Intro Meeting Recap

Each of the executives discussed a set of events that they will be running this year. If you have suggestions or questions, you can contact them by email.

Sie Tjew is organizing firm tours. The plan is to visit two IP boutiques and the IP department of one full-service firm. The list is not finalized. It is possible that all three tours may be in a single day. He requests that first-years interested email him with their opinions.

There will be five Osler speakers this year. The dates and topics are not set. We may also host additional speakers outside the Osler series If you have any topic requests, please contact Rebecca Rodal. Some suggestions were telecommunications, copyright reform and internet law. Past topics have included Trademarks 101, net neutrality, and IP litigation.

The TIP Group is launching an IP blog. We are looking for two groups of volunteers. The small first group will be responsible for finding interesting news and blog articles to report on the website. The second group will contribute a few articles of approximately 500 words (two doublespaced pages) over the course of the year. The articles will cover a recent news item or concept in IP law. It’s a great opportunity. Email Billy Barnes if you’re interested.

The TIP conference is a series of talks on a theme in IP law given over a week or in a single day. We need volunteers to help organize and run the event. Contact Jean Lee to volunteer.

We are interested in joining the Fox IP moot next year, but we need to get started this year. If you are interested in IP and mooting, please email Fereshteh Ghadyani.

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